Hire a conversion rate optimisation marketer without the hassle

Hire a conversion rate optimisation marketer without the hassle

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Specialised Convention Rate Operation

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With my dynamic blend of expertise in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), SEO, Social Media, UI/UX, and B2B Marketing, I stand out as a versatile and innovative marketing professional. My journey in the digital marketing realm is marked by a robust combination of technical proficiency and creative strategy, honed through my academic background in Computer Science and Business Management, and a rich professional experience spanning various roles and industries. As a seasoned Customer Success Manager, I have demonstrated exceptional skills in driving client satisfaction and product engagement. My tenure at Zymplify saw me orchestrating onboarding and training for significant clients, achieving a notable 72% satisfaction rate. My ability to align marketing and sales objectives with client needs, coupled with my hands-on experience in optimizing customer satisfaction metrics, speaks to my deep understanding of customer-centric strategies. My prowess in digital marketing was further sharpened during my time as a Digital Marketing Assistant at Crecode IT Professionals. Here, I played a pivotal role in increasing web traffic by 40% and ROI by 12% for major corporate clients, showcasing my talent in developing and implementing effective marketing campaigns. My freelance work with Nurobotx AI Solutions as a CRO Specialist underlines my skills in analyzing and optimizing marketing strategies through conversion optimization, A/B testing, persuasive copywriting, and marketing automation analysis. This experience, combined with my proficiency in HubSpot and Salesforce CRMs, positions me as a go-to expert for businesses looking to enhance their online presence and conversion rates. My academic credentials include an MSc in Business Management from the University of Hull, where I delved deep into interactive IMC, digital marketing, and marketing management, and a First Class Honors degree in Computer Science from Riphah International University. My understanding of software development and artificial intelligence adds a unique edge to my marketing expertise, particularly in the realms of SEO, Social Media, and UI/UX design. As a strategic thinker and an effective communicator, my ability to build and manage relationships, coupled with my knack for problem-solving and project coordination, makes me an asset in any team focused on leveraging digital marketing for business growth.

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Does Remote Marketer Jobs cost anything for marketers?

No. Remote Marketer Jobs is free for marketers.

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If you hire a full-time employee through Remote Marketer Jobs, you agree to pay a placement fee equal to 10% of their salary.

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