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I've been involved with Google Ads since early 2017, collaborating with a multitude of clients with budgets ranging from £500 per month to £500,000 per month. I played a significant role in developing and leading the PPC service at a prominent independent agency before embarking on a solo journey in 2022.

The decision to go solo stemmed from the realization that many agencies tended to overcharge and fell short in meeting their client's needs.

Some of my notable accomplishments include:

✅ Participating in a panel discussion with Google for the top 100 agencies, focusing on Value-Based Bidding (VBB).
✅ Achieving a remarkable 3000% return on ad spend (ROAS) and generating £6 million per month for a well-known UK brand, which even led to an internal Google case study.
✅ Earning the Google Partners End Of Year Recognition award in 2021.
✅ I also had the privilege of Dermot O'Leary once mentioning that I had an exceptionally memorable name.

I'm eager to hear from you!