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6+ Years experience PPC Growth Marketing Manager | Worked with 40+ B2B SaaS

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PPC Team Lead with 6 years of experience in two vertical PPC Agencies, supported by a strong academic background in Marketing and worked on thousands of campaigns that allowed 70+ Businesses from different industries, both B2B & B2C to grow online.

Some of the things I did as PPC Lead in my last role:
- Designed, created & managed Multi-channel PPC Strategies of over 40 SaaS Businesses with hundreds of thousands $ in monthly spend.
- Highest-rated Acc. Manager in Upraw Media with a 9+ score on the Quarterly Client feedback.
- Educated clients & helped them save thousands of $ every month on poorly made campaigns.
- Planned & coordinated out-of-scope projects with CRO, Analytics & Copywriting teams.
- Leading a team of 2 PPC Specialists
- Kept some of our best clients happy for 3+ years!