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Freelance head of marketing for SME B2B companies (Dutch speaking)

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Do you want to scale up but don't know how? Do you have no control over the number of leads that come in, meaning you cannot forecast? Selling a B2B product or service is not the same as selling a mobile phone. Buying cycles are long and complex and involve many stakeholders.

Marketing is often made unnecessarily difficult, but in fact, the starting point is a good story and a thorough understanding of your target group. Real success comes when you are present and share valuable information that helps (potential) buyers in their decision-making process. You do this by being present on the channels where your target group is actually located.

I have helped companies that are in the same boat with a solid strategy and solving this puzzle.

I provide a long-term strategy and am a reliable advisor. I guide you through the B2B marketing landscape and have the capacity to implement plans. Go for predictable growth without costing you extra time and sky-high invoices.

Over the past 7 years I have run B2B companies such as Gradient, Peecho, ContentKing and Webfleet with their marketing.

Nice, but what did that get them, you ask?

  • Helped Webfleet increase their SEO requests.
  • Set up the complete go-to-market strategy for Peecho and doubled the number of inbound leads.
  • Helped Gradient implement their account-based marketing strategy.

What exactly I can help you with:
→ SEO and content strategy (deep expertise)
→ Account-based marketing: achieve 80% of the result with 20% of the budget with a targeted focus on your ideal customer
→ Help you map out your ideal customer profile
→ Help you determine which channels to put money into for the best results
→ Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, lead gen automation (broader expertise)

If you made it all the way here, I suggest having a cup of coffee 😉