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Content Strategist & Manager, Digital Marketer, SEO & IA Expert, Copywriter - B2B, B2C

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I'm a Senior Content Strategist, Marketer, Developer (Digital, Enterprise, Web), and an on-site SEO expert, including competitive SEO market analysis. I'm also an expert B2B copywriter and editor.

I help companies design, align, and execute any or all digital content operations and assets. My expertise extends to content architecture (including IA and taxonomy), content management systems (CMS), brand messaging and communications, stakeholder interviews, web design, modeling and mapping, and analytics (GA4, etc.).

I have multi-industry, multi-niche experience and am adept at cross-functional team, project, and vendor management.

I achieve success through a blend of collaboration, leadership, quality assurance and governance tactics, empathy, best practices, evidence-based action, personalization and segmentation, and loyalty to human and user-centered principles.

I'm open to freelance and contract work and will consider full-time positions.