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Paid media specialist & senior performance marketer with a degree in advertising

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As a Senior Analyst and Paid Media Specialist, I've dedicated over 13 years to the world of digital marketing, driven by my passion for its constantly evolving dynamics.

My journey has taken me through collaborations with both large corporations and small startups. This versatility has allowed me to adapt strategies to reach specific goals and fulfill the unique needs of each project.

Here are some key attributes that define my approach:

✨ I thrive under deadlines, ensuring that projects are delivered on time.
✨ I'm a diligent researcher, always staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends.
✨ I work effectively as a team player, valuing collaboration and shared success.
✨ Reliability is at the core of my work ethic, ensuring trust and confidence in every project.

I'm here to bring my experience and skills to your freelance projects and help you achieve your goals. Let's collaborate to make your digital marketing endeavors a success.