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'm positioning myself as an Audience-Focused Paid Media specialist. After my 8+ years of doing this, I've run campaigns across all the platforms (Meta, Google, TikTok, Reddit, Nextdoor, etc) for many different businesses and industries to achieve desired results (revenue, lead generation, etc). I like to think of myself as an agile Paid Media Pro as this experience has allowed me to craft strategies with the client's use case top of mind... not just forcing them on Meta because everyone is there or TikTok because it's the new thing.

I am open to working with companies looking to grow through the typical ad channels (note that I don't do programmatic outside of Google or Amazon) or an agency looking for outside paid media help. Even though I work primarily through Paid Media, I have a holistic marketing background so I make sure my strategy aligns with the vision of the company I am working with.