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Experienced Marketer | Master of Content Strategy & Email Marketing | A Decade of Driving Engagement & Fuelling Traffic Growth

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Hello! I'm Paris, a seasoned marketing professional with a decade of experience in creating and implementing successful marketing strategies. My expertise lies in account-based marketing, content strategy, email marketing, website design project management and MarTech optimisation and implementation.

Past Successes:

  • Through collaborations, consistent messaging, and engaging content, I successfully boosted a client's Twitter following by 20,000 followers over a six-month period

  • I spearheaded the seamless transition from Salesforce and Pardot to Hubspot, revamping email templates, sales dashboards, tech integration, and data mapping. Moreover, I delivered comprehensive training to the sales and marketing teams, set up GDPR compliance, and powered up chatbot functionality.

  • Successfully orchestrated the launch of a new transactional website, leading a comprehensive rebranding effort across all online and offline assets. Remarkably, even during the challenging times of COVID-19, the client observed a monthly growth of 40% in web traffic and an impressive 18% increase in conversions

  • Developed a multitude of captivating email templates and workflows in Smart Focus, Hubspot, Pardot, and MailChimp to generate leads and drive engagement.

I approach each project as a unique challenge, combining creativity and strategy to deliver results that exceed expectations.

Check out some testimonials:

"She perfectly balances leadership, strategy and knowledge with ease. She is immensely supportive whilst constantly encouraging the growth of her team."

"She put her all into everything she worked on and would always strive for the best results. Paris was always willing to help others with her vast marketing and technical knowledge."

"Paris was instrumental in implementing a new CRM platform (Pardot for Salesforce), and then delivering effective, engaging, measurable campaigns. Her creative flair together with her analytical approach meant that she delivered powerful, lead-generating marketing communications together with impactful and effective sales and marketing collateral."

If you're looking for a marketing professional who delivers impactful results with a creative twist, let's connect!