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During my career in sales, a recruiter that placed me at a job in the past reached out to me.
How would feel about working at/with Google he asked. My enthousiasm went through the roof.
After hearing more about the job i started my first SEA specialist role at Teleperfomance (Google partner). Since then i have been in love with advertising and improving my skills.
Fast forward i have worked for a big and small agencies for customers with big and small budgets in every field. I gained so much experience and confidence in what i do that i started freelancing in 2021 and have been doing so ever since then.
Learning about running a business has been a new experience with highs and lows. But i am proud to say that i have got the hang of it and working with companies that excite me.

Everytime that a plan of mine or that i am part of comes together it puts a smile on my face from ear to ear. I learned that this is something that motivates me and where i need to look for my drive.

Because i have marketing experience in every field and can combine that with sales experience i can figure out every customer journey and make a strategy to fit that journey. My stuborness and my drive help me to bite in every issue in my path till we can solve it or find a way arround it.