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Senior Online Marketeer | Digital Marketing Manager | Online Marketing & E-commerce | Data Analyse | SEO | CRO | SEA | EMAIL (Dutch ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฑ)

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My name is Lennart van Breugel, and you can wake me up for optimizing your website and webshop KPIs. I achieve this by driving quality traffic to your website, engaging them on the platform, and providing the best user experience.

Online marketing is the current and future way to connect with customers. My passion for online marketing is immense because the playing field is constantly evolving, and a different mix of channels is successful for everyone. Devising and optimizing this strategy gives me tremendous energy.

My knowledge has grown since 2012, starting from a content writer to a channel specialist and online marketing strategist. I navigate through all channels, but my expertise lies in finding the right mix to acquire and retain customers.

Furthermore, I am described as someone who takes initiative, is data-driven, and demonstrates leadership. These qualities are valuable in many assignments.

Are you looking for an innovative online marketing strategist with a get-things-done mentality? Let me know, and I'll help you get started.