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Digital Marketing Strategy, Customer Experience, and Digital/Web Project Management.

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With over 14 years of experience in digital marketing and UX/UI design, I'm dedicated to creating effective digital solutions that resonate with diverse audiences and drive business growth. My academic background includes a master's degree in digital marketing, complemented by multiple industry-relevant certifications.

My expertise spans various sectors, including e-commerce, education (e-learning), and pharmaceuticals. I've successfully implemented digital marketing initiatives that delivered measurable results.

In my most recent role as Digital Marketing Manager at OXYGEN Advanced Sports Education, a global leader in online sports education, I led the global marketing strategy. I established the digital ecosystem for marketing and customer support, overseeing a team responsible for creating on-brand marketing assets and product features.

My experience extends to brand positioning, awareness, marketing automation, social media strategy, CRM, email campaigns, and multichannel campaigns to drive engagement and conversions. I also played a pivotal role in enhancing UX/UI design for the e-commerce platform and the restricted partners interface, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.

I'm exploring new opportunities and challenges. My goal is to continue delivering value through my extensive experience in digital marketing and UX/UI design. Let's collaborate to make your project a success.