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20+ years of website development, SEO & analytics

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I bring over 20 years of experience in digital solutions and more than a decade in project management.

Proficient in various CMS systems, such as WordPress and Sitecore, I excel at creating detailed requirements specifications, conducting testing, and seamlessly integrating systems.

My deep knowledge of digital marketing and SEO, combined with my ability to collaborate effectively with diverse teams, makes me a valuable asset to the team.

I simplify complex technical concepts, and my technical skills encompass web development, including DataLayer, JavaScript, JSON, HTML, and CSS understanding.

Additionally, I'm skilled in crafting targeted dashboard reports, scope, proposal creation, and conducting workshops and online courses.

Personal Attributes:

✔️ I'm proactive, customer-service oriented, and naturally curious.
✔️ Solving challenges proactively is one of my strengths.
✔️ I thrive in a team-oriented environment and enjoy collaborating with specialists from various fields.
✔️ I'm known for my innovative and creative approach and take ownership of my work.
✔️ I've had experience from both the client and agency sides, and I've even been self-employed.
✔️ I'm fluent in both Danish and English.

Google Analytics Expertise:

✔️ I'm highly experienced with Google Analytics, including user-specific tracking and optimization, data validation, defining business KPIs, and structured campaign tracking.
✔️ I'm proficient in eCommerce tracking, including GA4.
✔️ I also have hands-on experience with Google Tag Manager (GTM), Google Looker Studio (GDS), and various other Google tools such as Webmaster Tool/Search Console, Google Trends, and Google Ads.
✔️ I'm skilled in using Supermetrics and Screaming Frog.


✔️ I hold certifications in Google Analytics (GAIQ - TOP 5%)
✔️ Project Management (from Implement)
✔️ Sitecatalyst (Now Adobe Analytics).

Other Experiences:

I've worked with online surveys, implemented CMS systems, and provided user training.
Software testing and administration of Learning Management Systems (LMS) are also part of my expertise.
I've conducted workshops and online training sessions.
I've utilized tools like Clicktail and Mouseflow for various purposes.