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I build landing pages for dope people & help them scale with systems

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I am a 'vet' of almost 6 years working with Sales Funnels and Landing Pages, almost exclusively.

Pre-dominantly spent most of my time in the ClickFunnels platform, but also have experience with GoHighLevel, WordPress, Framer, and Kartra.

I started my journey in the SMMA world, and from there transitioned to a Facebook Ads freelancer where I focused on the lead gen side, and mostly for Realtors as that's where I saw most success, and naturally gained referrals from other Agents. One day, an Agency I did some work for asked if I had built a sales funnel before and I said "only very basic opt-in pages", and they gave me the opportunity to build out a 'real' funnel - and I LOVED every minute of it. From there on, my sole focus was mastering the Landing Page game, and over the past 4 years, I've helped my clients launch new programs where they've made $40K in a weekend, to helping launch Live Challenge funnels where we got 300+ registrants and over $50K in immediate revenue on pitch day.

I'm 'different' from other landing page designers in that I have been in sales in some way since I started my working years. From auto sales, home sales, then to selling my own services (which I have sold well over $400K to-date of), so I have a unique skillset in knowing what makes the curious become a customer, and what makes them 'tick'.

Communication is VERY big to me. So many times I've partnered on projects with other designer/developers and they have just gone ghost on me for weeks at a time. One BIG advantage of working with me is you can rest assured, that will NEVER happen with me.

I look forward to helping YOU build epic pages, and scaling to epic heights!

PS - the website below (SwiftSites) is one of my agency sites, as I am currently re-branding my own website, so that will come soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Cheers โœŒ๏ธ