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Senior SaaS PLG Content Marketer. Building strategy, growing teams and scaling SEO content are my specialties. Ask me how I automated Userpilot's content creation system for 5 in-house editors and 10 freelance writers in Notion

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I've always had a passion for marketing.

Tried different specialties and fell in love with SaaS 8 years ago. From planning new website launches and optimizing copy across landing pages, emails, and PPC, I ultimately started to focus on the two most important areas when it comes to marketing SaaS products: SEO content marketing and in-product marketing.

I have experience in building and growing teams, and processes while automating workflows for scalable growth.

I've built a complete system in Notion for tracking content production and budgets, onboarding new team members, tracking OKRs and reporting, and collaborating with freelancers.

What I do best:
* set up and scale a content team
* optimize or set up your in-app onboarding processes.