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Marketing & digital consultant for sustainability-conscious brands/initiatives

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A high-achieving marketing and digital consultant and contractor. Helping high-impact changemakers improve the effectiveness and sustainability of their marketing and digital - with the right data, resources, skills, governance and with happy, high-performing teams. Without greenwashing.

17 years of experience at developing, executing and evaluating holistic marketing and communications strategies, plans and campaigns – from testing new markets and launching new brands and products, to shifting and enhancing brand positioning, driving organisations’ growth and increasing their impact.

Focus on digital marketing in the past 10 years. Including auditing, driving strategy, managing and overseeing digital marketing channels, managing/overseeing projects, setting up & leading high-performing digital marketing functions, organisation-wide digital marketing upskilling as well as driving processes, marketing technology development/utilisation and structures that deliver/exceed organisational objectives and mission.

6 years of experience in sustainability, with a holistic view and passion for systemic change towards a regenerative, distributive future (beyond the carbon myopia). In-depth understanding of the UK's Green Claims Code and greenwashing rulings from the ad regulator. Adept at spotting signs of greenwashing.

Some of my achievements
- At CDP, led a pilot project across Europe, the Americas and Asia that showed the business value of strategic marketing, exceeded lead generation targets for CDP’s supply chain membership programme by 210% in 7 months and resulted in a successful business case for setting up a marketing function.
- Spearheaded a new content & engagement strategy at DKMS (underpinned by a new storytelling style for patient appeals), which led to a 175% spike in patient post reach on Facebook, 300% in engagement, 51% in website conversions for donor registration from Facebook and 400% decrease in cost per conversion from ads.
- Led a motorcycling campaign (underpinned by storytelling) that aimed to increase brand awareness and boost free taster sign-ups for the IAM RoadSmart's motorcycling (safety) course. Results: 3-month taster booking target exceeded by 16% in two months, 560k people reached, 17k engagements and endorsements for multiple influential actors.