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Agency-trained copywriter & marketing manager looking to make an ethical difference

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In a landscape saturated with aggressive mass marketing promoting countless frivolous products, my mission is to stand apart by supporting ethical, heart-centered, and purpose-driven brands in forging meaningful connections with consumers whose lives they can positively impact.

My journey began with a top-tier Marketing degree, complemented by years of hands-on experience within the industry. I've had the privilege of contributing to renowned creative agencies like Otherway and Eleven Miles, collaborating on diverse projects spanning various sectors.

From revitalizing MOJU, the cold-pressed juice brand, to preserving the heritage of Barbour, a British icon – my agency career has been rich in experiences. Notably, I had the opportunity to spearhead paid social efforts for the quintessentially British lighting brand, Anglepoise.

My diverse background encompasses a range of marketing disciplines, empowering me with a versatile skillset that encompasses Copywriting, Organic Social, Paid Media, Influencer Marketing, and PPC.

I'm primarily interested in working on partnerships & paid ads.