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I'm happy to assist you in setting up or improving the visibility of your website.

I can provide support in:

✅ SEO optimizations
✅ SEO audits
✅ SEO advice
✅ Keyword research
✅ Rewriting SEO-friendly texts
✅ Translating, optimizing, and localizing English texts
✅ Technical SEO
✅ Web analytics
✅ Writing and optimizing E-A-T content

Who am I:
I am a Digital Marketer with a focus on SEO. Since 2015, tasks such as search engine optimization (SEO), web analysis, content optimization, digital PR, keyword research, and integrating digital strategies have been a part of my daily routine. I specialize in providing strategic and operational support to companies aiming to improve their visibility on search engines.

One of my USPs is my decisive and out-of-the-box thinking. Transparency, curiosity, results-oriented approach, and analytical skills are also reasons why people enjoy working with me.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family has taught me to make informed decisions, the value of hard work, and I am a proud possessor of great self-discipline. I am quality-focused and have high standards for the quality of my work. With a strong sense of duty, I ensure I keep my commitments and can make decisions quickly. I gladly take responsibility for my work and am concise and to the point in my communication. In short, I'm driven and passionate about what I do.

Companies I have worked for or currently work with include: Libresse, Iglo, Eden Hotels.