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Freelance Digital Marketing Executive (Ireland)

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MSc in Marketing | Commendation from Queen's University | 2 months away from achieving CIM Chartership

I am equipped with extensive knowledge of business operations and the marketing industry.

I have spearheaded numerous lead generation activities and successfully launched various products through a combination of Google ads, social ads, and email marketing.

I have also contributed to email marketing campaigns, created social media assets, designed eBooks, and developed graphics using tools like Spotler, SAP, SEMRush, Photoshop, and InDesign. Moreover, my expertise extends to SEO, website CRM, webpage planning and creation, Google Ads, Analytics, Trends, and more.

Additionally, I have established a successful freelance marketing business, catering to a diverse range of clients. This experience has allowed me to take on various responsibilities such as overseeing a summer intern, developing website strategies, managing social media channels, and creating engaging content and graphics for clients.

As a former Marketing Manager, I assumed sole responsibility for all marketing activities within the organisation. This included graphic design, social media strategy and implementation, event management, business advisory, web development using WordPress, data analysis using Google Analytics and Trends, SEO, email marketing through MailChimp, marketing assistance for tenants and start-ups, and hosting a Podcast.

Previously, I completed an internship at Praxis Care, where I worked alongside a five-person marketing team for the UK and Ireland. Throughout this internship, I excelled in running website content, conducting market research using Google Analytics, engaging with clients for content creation, managing social media platforms through Hootsuite, and performing data analysis and reporting.

With a strong academic foundation and a proven track record in various marketing roles, I bring a combination of strategic thinking, creativity, and analytical skills to drive impactful marketing campaigns and achieve business objectives. As I work towards CIM Chartership, I am eager to leverage my expertise and contribute to the success of a dynamic organisation.