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Freelance head of marketing for SME B2B companies (Dutch speaking)

Growth strategy
Content Strategy
Paid social

Do you want to scale up but don't know how? Do you have no control over the number of leads that come in, meaning you cannot forecast? Selling a B2B product or service is not the same as selling a mobile phone. Buying cycles are long and complex and involve many stakeholders. Marketing is often made unnecessarily difficult, but in fact, the starting point is a good story and a thorough understanding of your target group. Real success comes when you are present and share valuable information that helps (potential) buyers in their decision-making process. You do this by being present on the channels where your target group is actually located. I have helped companies that are in the same boat with a solid strategy and solving this puzzle. I provide a long-term strategy and am a reliable advisor. I guide you through the B2B marketing landscape and have the capacity to implement plans. Go for predictable growth without costing you extra time and sky-high invoices. Over the past 7 years I have run B2B companies such as Gradient, Peecho, ContentKing and Webfleet with their marketing. Nice, but what did that get them, you ask? Helped Webfleet increase their SEO requests. Set up the complete go-to-market strategy for Peecho and doubled the number of inbound leads. Helped Gradient implement their account-based marketing strategy. What exactly I can help you with: → SEO and content strategy (deep expertise) → Account-based marketing: achieve 80% of the result with 20% of the budget with a targeted focus on your ideal customer → Help you map out your ideal customer profile → Help you determine which channels to put money into for the best results → Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, lead gen automation (broader expertise) If you made it all the way here, I suggest having a cup of coffee 😉

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Freelance / interim marketing | product | digital | business development

Growth strategy
Conversion Rate Optimisation

I'm here to provide support to forward-thinking organizations facing marketing, product, digital, and business development challenges. Whether as a subject-matter expert or a hands-on team lead, I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and help you achieve your goals. My experience spans the spectrum from startups to scale-ups and corporate giants like Odido, FrieslandCampina, Van Oord, B&S, Your.Online, KPN, Sunrise GmbH, and more. Key Skills and Roles: Entrepreneurial Mindset: I bring a creative and growth-oriented perspective to every project. Proposition Development: Crafting and fine-tuning propositions that resonate with your audience. Product Marketing/Management: Ensuring your products are effectively marketed and managed. Business Development: Identifying and capitalizing on new opportunities for growth. Acquisition/Base/Retention Marketing: Tailoring strategies to attract, retain, and expand your customer base. Digital Marketing: Leveraging the power of digital channels to drive results. Marketing Technology: Harnessing the latest tools and platforms to boost your marketing efforts. Performance Marketing: Measuring and optimizing campaigns for peak performance. People Manager: Leading and developing teams to reach their full potential. P&L Responsibility: Ensuring the profitability and success of your projects. Recurring Business Models: Expertise in building and sustaining revenue-generating models. Specialist and Leadership Roles: • Senior Marketing Manager • Senior Product Marketing Manager/Owner • Senior Proposition Manager • Senior Digital Marketing Manager • Senior Business Developer • Head of Marketing • Head of Product Marketing • Head of Digital I'm committed to helping you tackle your challenges and drive your organization's success.