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Content marketeer, webspecialist, campagne manager

Content Strategy
Growth strategy
Landing page

TEKSTSCHRIJVER / CONTENT MARKETEER Communicatie professional met een pragmatische visie op marketing nodig? Ik verzorg werkzaamheden in de rol van content marketeer, redacteur, interviewer, marketing- & campagnemanager. Losse projecten, interim werkzaamheden of in vast dienstverband. Ervaring met: - opzetten en (technisch en inhoudelijk) reviseren van websites - campagnes van concept tot uitvoering - content (programma’s) voor social media - aansturen collega’s en leveranciers - Agile werken - en nog veel meer In eerste instantie respecteer ik de cultuur en visie van een organisatie. In tweede instantie voer ik volgens de missie opdrachten uit. Op verzoek leid ik projecten en teams. RECENT WERK - Interim webspecialist voor Tilburg University, 32u/wk, periode okt 2023 - feb 2024 - Revisie website en proposities smtware.com via Sky10 - Opzet concept en uitvoering campagne duurzamebanden.nl via VACO - Marketing en positionering voor developers metafactory.nl - Publicaties voor B2B magazines BRANCHES - Maak- en tech-industrie - IT - Automotive - Zorg en onderwijs - Overheid EXPERTISE - Contentcreatie - Journalistieke aanpak - Contentstrategie vanuit de missie en visie van een organisatie - Begrijpelijke op de ontvanger gerichte teksten - Focus op online - Ruime ervaring met alle lagen van de organisatie - Technisch inzicht en multidisciplinaire aanpak - Praktische ervaring met CMS, SEO, social media - Pragmatisch en realistisch timemanagement - Projectmatig werken Beschikbaar voor losse projecten, interim werkzaamheden of in vast dienstverband.

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Fractional CMO + growth marketing for B2B SaaS

Content Strategy
Growth hacking
Growth strategy

👋 Welcome on my profile. Keep reading if: - You're the founder of a SaaS start-up and need support with marketing, - You're CMO at a SaaS start-up or scale-up and need ad-hoc support with campaign management. My name is Michelle, and I am a pragmatic former Head of Marketing at B2B SaaS businesses. With over 7 years of experience, I specialise in building marketing teams, working on product positioning, go-to-market strategies, and coordinating campaigns. I make decisions based on data and research, both qualitative and quantitative. This might seem like a mixed bag, but in my view product marketing and the right messaging is the basis for every campaign that follows. 📈 Previous results - Account-based marketing campaigns via LinkedIn and Meta. Results in 3 months: 117 engaged accounts, 80 newsletter subscribers, 32 free trials, 10 opportunities generated (value: €250 000). Amount spent: €9 500. - Growth of organic web traffic by 5K visitors a month (+10%), generating approx. 45 leads a month. - Conducting market research and working on new product positioning + implementation (adjusting materials, improving website content, team training). Conversion rate improved from <1% to 2% with messaging improvements. 👩🏼‍🦰 About me 📍 Along with my boyfriend, I live in the port of Valencia. 🧗‍♂️ I enjoy climbing, hiking, and beach volleyball. 🐈‍⬛ My cats might show there faces in a digital meeting. 🇳🇱 I am from the Netherlands, and studied in Utrecht, Mexico City, Toronto and Valencia. 🇬🇧 🇪🇸 🇳🇱 I am comfortable working in Dutch, English, and Spanish, and work at an international level. Let's have a digital coffee!

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Marketing Ops, Analytics, Automation & Strategy

Growth strategy
Marketing automation

Hey, Anya here! I'm a curious marketing self-starter and lifelong learner, specialising in analytics, marketing ops, automation, and strategy. After working with 40+ businesses, I noticed that the marketing team regularly faced challenges leveraging and tracking marketing data, and implementing efficient operational processes. Driven by my love for data and analytics, I embarked on a mission to close the digital knowledge gap by offering modern Marketing Ops & Analytics solutions that are both accessible and affordable. I aim to empower small-medium businesses to thrive in the digital landscape while ensuring that every client achieves their business goals and learns something new. Services include: - Website analytics and tracking (GA4, Matomo, Piwik Pro, Plausible, Fathom) - Conversion/campaign tracking (all ad platforms) - Marketing automation (Zapier, Make.com, Google Apps Script) - Data analytics, data management, performance analytics - Reporting and Data visualisation (Looker Studio, Tableau) - Digital Marketing strategy - PPC & SM advertising and campaign optimisation - Email Marketing - Training and Education sessions Some testimonials: - "Anya is an exceptional marketing and analytics specialist. With her expertise, she helped us set up Google Analytics and Google Ads from scratch. Thanks to her knowledge and skills, we were finally able to make informed decisions based on our data, which saved us tens of thousands of pounds. Anya's contributions have opened up a new world of opportunities for our business. We'd hire her again in a heartbeat" "Anya is one of the most talented people I’ve worked with. She is exceptional at problem solving, highly adaptable and is always persistent in finding working solutions. Anya is technically gifted and a great communicator, which means it’s always been a pleasure working together." "Anya has been instrumental in setting up Google Analytics 4 and other measurement infrastructure for our clients, showcasing her expertise in data and analytics. Her marketing and automation skills have truly streamlined our clients' processes, resulting in increased efficiency. We are grateful for her contributions and highly recommend her services to others." Tool stack: Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Looker Studio, Tableau, Hubspot, Salesforce CRM, Pipedrive, MailChimp, MailerLite, Matomo Analytics, Piwik Pro, Plausible, Fathom, Zapier, Make.com, Webflow, Hotjar, Hootsuite, Meta Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Unbounce, BigQuery

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